Quality Garden Tools

We offer a wide range of quality Darlac tools, including secateurs, loppers, shears, folding saw, hand tools and many other essential gardening implements. Darlac have been established over 40 years, and have proved to be extremely popular as high quality at reasonable prices and our customers come back to us year after year to purchase new products.

We also have a range of copper tools from Implementations, for that extra special gift . These tools are not only beautiful to look at but great to work with as the sharp edges glide through heavy soil easily.

Showa Gardening Gloves

We have a range of "Showa" gardening gloves, including the ever popular Floreo thin in a range of colours, the Heavy Duty, the Thornmaster and the cozy Thermogrip.
These Showa gloves are all machine washable, up to 40 degrees!  New to our range is the 'Bud' children's gloves, mediium and large sizes.
We also have "Rose" leather gauntlets from Bionic Gloves for serious protection from those thorns! 


Flexitie is the amazing garden twine, available in two sizes, 2,5mm and 3.5mm, is reusable and kind to plants.


Gardening Accessories

There is always clearing up to be done and we have a range of the Bosmere Tidy-up range, including popup bags, tip bags, Bos sheet, etc.

Luxury soft BosNeeleze" kneelers in a choice of colours. 

Kent & Stowe

Garden Life lightweight spade and fork. perfectly sized compact version to easily dig for longer!  The Border Hand Fork is excellent for digging raised vegetable beds.



Compact Pruners  16
Compact Pruners Plus 18

Compact Snips     16
Mini Bypass Pruners   12
Mini Snips  12
Expert Bypass Pruner 30
Left Hand Pruner   22
Small Prof. Pruner  15
Standard Ratchet Pruner   9

Cut 'n' Hold Snips   15
Floral Shears  10
Perennial Shears  18
Expert Topiary Shears  26
Folding Saw  18
Folding Pruning Knife  12
Harvesting & Asparagus Knife 10
Hori Hori Trowel 22

Wire Cutter  16
Diamond Sharpener - Fine  14
Bulb Planter  6
Weed Knife  8
Daisy Grubber  8
Hand Trowel  12
Hand Fork  12
Bamboo Rockery Fork  12
Rockery Trowel  10
5 in 1 Trowel  8
Mini Essentials 12
Tool Holster  8

Deluxe Spray Gun  22
Root Watering Funnels  8
Lightweight Shear 10"  42
Lightweight Shear  22
Tele. Hedge Shear   32
Tele. Edging Shear  37

Tele. Ratchet Lopper  42
Large Bypass Lopper  36
Compound Lopper  24
Tele. Anvil Lopper  34
Handy Ratchet Lopper 25

Cut 'n' Hold Snapper 650 mm    38
     "               "            1000mm 42
     "               "           1500mm  46

Extend. & Expand. Rake 16
Grab 'n' Lift  22
Big Hands Leaf Collectors  8
Draw Hoe (Short handle)  18
Draw Hoe (Long handle)   22

Thin 2.5mm (60 mtrs)  8
Medium 3.5mm (35 mtrs)  8
(2 rolls any size £14)

Kent & Stowe
Garden Life Light Fork  25
Garden Life Light Spade 25
Digging Fork  25

Midi Tip Bag  14
Large Tip Bag 16

Bos Sheet  13
Bos Popup Bag - Medium  17
Bos Popup Bag - Large  22
Bos Popup Bag - Extra Large 28
Bos Bag -  (56cm x 46cm)  16

BosNeeleze Kneelers  18

Implementations - 
Copper/Bronze Tools
Castor Trowel  £38
Mira Trowel  £38
Vega Fork  £38
Nunki Weeder  £32

"Showa" Gardening Gloves - all gloves £8 per pair or two pairs for £14, mix or match.

Floreo Thin Gloves - XS,S,M,L & XL 
(range of colours)

Heavy Duty Gloves - S,M,L & XL

Thornmaster - S,M,L & XL

Thermogrip - S,M,L & XL

'Bud' Children's Gloves, Med & Large  £5 per pair

Bionic Gloves 
'Rose' Leather Gauntlets  £35  Various sizes

Fallen Fruits
Slate Thermometer - £18

Please contact us to purchase any of these products or for more technical information and images.